About Melissa

Melissa Johnson here, the Digital Marketing Specialist behind the hive of Bee’s Knee’s Creative. My name literally translates into “honey bee.” I’ve been buzzing around marketing for quite awhile now, whether it be selling, purchasing or creating advertising both offline and online, so I know a thing or two about the marketing game.

The Private Sector and Non-Profit have been the realms in which I have cultivated my craft and to keep up with the fast-paced world of social media I ensure to get in some professional development as much as I can. I’ve attended Social Media Camp in Victoria, BC, the #SocialWest conference, many a local seminar, and webinars galore so I can ensure that I have the finger on the pulse of all things digital marketing.

I have also dipped into the world of advocacy for women’s mountain biking. In my  spare time offline, you can find me in the mountain’s introducing women from Southern Alberta and beyond to the wonderful world of Mountain Biking through my ambassadorship with Bert and Mac’s Source for Sports and Liv Bicycles.

You can always drop me a line at melissa@melissajohnson.ca.

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